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This rugged and customizable belt is perfect for any outdoor enthusiast! It's Used To Easily Carry Equipment, In A Readily-Accessible Manner. Have your essential tools ready every time! Get yours now while it lasts!

  • DIY Combo 10Pcs Bags holster set versatile modular design for security guards, cops and Sports Enthusiasts.

  • All adjustable pouches and holsters for: pager, cell phone, gloves case, key holder, pepper spray case, snap closure, expandable baton, pistol.

  • Easily adjustable Tactical duty belt with quick release buckle, belt keepers, dual magazine pouches with horizontal/vertical secure systems 

  • The pouch items have Velcro on the inside so they will stick to the inside of the belt and not move around.

 Size Specification

Waist Belt: 1.97 inch x 55.12 inch 

Product Included:

Waist Belt:

  • 2" Utility Tactical Waist Belt

Waist Belt Holster Set (10 PCS):

  •     2" Utility Tactical Waist Belt    
  •     Notes Holster  (4.72" x 3.92")
  •     Flashlight Holster  (2.76" x 2.36")
  •     Key Ring  
  •     Walkie Talkie Holster  (5.12" x 4.92")
  •     Spray Holster  (5.12" x 5.9")
  •     Rope Bag  (7.48" x 5.12")
  •     Spring Stick Holster  (7.48" x 2.46")
  •     Quick Draw Holster   (6.89" x 4.72")
  •     Tool Kit   

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