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The best gift for parents, friends & children!

The steel reed drum is a musical instrument that combines essence, religion, philosophy, and oriental culture. It combines modern technology and innovative design. It is a work of art, a musical instrument, and a human companion, in addition to being considered an instrument for the healing of the mind.


  • Wide Use: This percussion drum can produce an ethereal sound, like the Buddha, to relieve stress and bring relaxation, allowing you to achieve inner peace, applicable to yoga meditation, children's music education, and healing of the mind.

  • Portable Percussion: 8-inch, 8-tone hand drum for key rotation, equipped with a backpack for easy portability.

  • Easy to Carry: Just follow your heart and hit the drum with the included sticks or fingers for wonderful mind and soul purifying sounds, great for beginners. It comes with a travel bag for easy transportation.

  • Beautiful finish: the hardened steel tongue drum delivers pure, calming notes. Playing the tongue drum can relieve stress and bring relaxation and peaceful energy into your life.

Property of MagicSound®

  • High-quality stainless steel material, surface with environmental protection paint, smooth, wear-resistant, and mud-free.

  • Weight: 0.9 kg.

  • Product dimensions: 20.00 cm x 20.00 cm x 12.00 cm

What does MagicSound® contain?

  • 1x steel tongue drum

  • 1x music brochure with instructions

  • 1x bag for easy transportation

  • 1x set of 6 note stickers

  • 1x kit of 4 picks to play with your hands


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