Dinosaur Cookie Cutters

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Create your own delicious dino fossils!

Look at what we've dug up, y'all!
With our Dinosaur Cookie Cutters, you can bake perfect dinos complete with iced-out skeletal remains. They're both delicious and educational! 

Dinosaur Fossil Cookies on a plate.

Prehistoric party perfection

Carve crisp cookie outlines with the cutter, then stamp perfect skeletal remains with the stamper. Once baked, ice the bones for cookies that will look so good they should be in a museum.

Man stamping out Dinosaur-shaped cookies.

Awaken your children's curiosity

This unique Dinosaur Cookie Cutter Set include Stegosaurus, T-Rex and Triceratops. These are perfect for children as they tend to be full of curiosity about new things.


They're cookies; of course, they taste good!

Your recipe determines how tasty your cookies will be. But how fun are they to eat? Well, that's determined by how good they look. And Dinosaur Fossil Cookies look downright melt-in-your-mouth-licious!
These super-fun cookies look as good as they taste!

Create Stegosaurus, T. Rex, and Triceratop cookies with the Dig-Ins Dinosaur Fossil Cookie Cutters.


  • Set of 6 plastic cookie cutters3pcs Dinosaur cookie cutters and 3pcs embossing stamps.
  • Stegosaurus: Approximately  (5.11 inches by 3.14 inches)
  • Triceratops: Approximately (5.11 inches by 3.14 inches)
  • T-rex: Approximately (5.51 inches by 2.75 inches)

Each set of Dig-Ins includes three cookie cutters and three stampers.


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