5 Tools For 5 Pastries

Cake Syringe PenTart TamperPastry Wheel DecoratorFast Donut CutterCookies AlphabetsFull Set (5 Tools)
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🎂 Splash Your Creativity on Pastry 😍

Pastry isn't just about the taste, but its attractiveness. These 5 tools are must baking tools in your kitchen for creating beautiful cookies, precise fondant circles, perfect donuts, round sandwich, flaky biscuits, delicious crumpets, mini cakes, tarts and so on. Giving it to your mother, father, grand parents or lovers on birthday or holiday, they will love it!

5 Tools for 5 Pastries:

  • CAKE SYRINGE PEN - It the door for creative, tasty decorating to anyone who can write with a pen. A fun tool for adults and kids. Turn everyday desserts into special creations, by adding a decorative swirl or message. Anyone can pick up decorating pen and instantly create quick and intricate decorative designs.
  • TART TAMPER - Making bite-sized sweets and savory appetizers is easy with the Tart Shaper. It helps you pat pastry, dough, or wonton wrappers into the wells of the mini muffin pan.
  • PASTRY WHEEL DECORATOR - If you have a hard time pinching your pie crusts, this pastry wheel decorator is perfect for you. Designed to help you easily and beautifully finish your pie crusts and quiches every time. Simply fold the pie crust under your pie pan and cruise around its edge until you're done.
  • EASY DONUT CUTTER - Designed to cut cleanly through even the stickiest dough. Well-made of high quality stainless steel, its sharp cutting edges slice cleanly through the dough without mess or fuss. This means you'll be able to cut a dozen or more donuts in no time at all, effortlessly, just like the pros.
  • COOKIES ALPHABETS - Create fun biscuits and cookies with your own messages. You simply slide the letters into the holder to form a name or special messages, then you press it into the cookie dough! Your lettering is imprinted on the cookie.

Product options:

  • Cake Syringe Pen: 1 pc
  • Tart Tamper: 1 pc
  • Pastry Wheel Decorator: 1 pc
  • Easy Donut Cutter: 1 x Cutter + 1 x Dip
  • Cookies Alphabets: 1 pc
  • Full set: all of the above

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